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Practical information and how to apply


The on-location study blocks around the world will last about five to seven days. During these intense study trips the students will dive headfirst into the arts business through meetings with key persons and visits to various important hubs of the art world. Depending on the extent of the external funding, the destinations and program may vary from the ones now mentioned, but the focus will nevertheless be on international networking and expertise within the field of art.


The studies in Jakobstad (for a total of about four weeks), will take place during two weeks in the autumn 2019 and two weeks in late sprig or early autumn 2020. During these intensive on-location study periods, all students should be present in Jakobstad. International lecturers and supervisors will be available in Jakobstad during these periods.

Jakobstad is a small coastal town in the Ostrobothnia region in the middle of Finland. The area is bilingual and has a vital cultural life. There are two airports close to Jakobstad, Kokkola/Petarsaair airport within 30 kilometers of the town, and Vaasa airport at 100 kilometers. Both airports have connections to Stockholm among other cities. By train you will arrive to the Jakobstad region through Bennäs station, about 10 kilometers from the center of Jakobstad. In Jakobstad there are different kinds of accommodation available.

Campus Allegro is a new campus located at the heart of the town Jakobstad. A living center of the arts, creativity and well-being has been created around three rediscovered 18th-century streets. The educational units that comprise the dynamic campus are the Universities of Applied Sciences of Novia and Centria, the YA! Vocational Education and Training, the Music Institute of the Jakobstad Region and the Children’s Art School, Balatako. The 400-seat Schauman Concert Hall with an orchestra pit and the White Box exhibition center for upcoming art exhibitions make Allegro a well-known cultural meeting place. More than 300 students frequent Campus Allegro daily.

The MA-program is free of charge for EU citizens.

For students from non-EU countries there is a tuition fee. Read more about the tuition fees here

The tuition fees do not concern those who are:

  • already enrolled at Novia UAS (before 2017)

  • EU/EEA citizens or their close family members (children or spouse)

  • residing in Finland or the EU/EEA on a permanent basis (has one of the following: continuous residence permit (type A), permanent residence permit (type P/P-EU) or has the EU-Blue card).  

There is a scholarship system in place for students required to pay the tuition fee. Students can apply for the scholarship before the beginning of their second year of studies (as fee-paying students). The scholarship will be granted based on success in previous studies at Novia UAS.

How to apply


The on going course: Admission: 9-23 January 2019. The studies began in September 2019, and the degree will be awarded at the end of 2020. 


In order to apply for the Master’s program Entrepreneurship in Arts you will need a Bachelor's degree in the field of art or culture from a university or university of applied sciences and at least two years of professional experience/practise after graduation (which needs to be shown in your CV/portfolio). You should be a professional artist with a focus on visual or audiovisual expression, communication or other media.

The application consists of three parts:

1. Electronic application through  Please note that the application is not valid unless it has been filled in completely.

2.Preliminary assignment:

All applicants must submit a pre-task by the end of the application period. Pre-tasks submitted after the deadline will not be considered. Applicants who have not submitted a pre-task will not be invited to the entrance examination. The pre-task must be approved in order for the applicant to be invited to the entrance examination. The pre-task will be evaluated on a pass or fail basis.

The pre-task consists of a portfolio that represents the applicant’s artistic body of work, as well as a motivation letter and a reference. The portfolio should be uploaded electronically in the online application form in pdf format (max 10 MG file) or sent to Work samples consisting of moving images or sound should be uploaded elsewhere and given as a link in the portfolio. The portfolio should also contain the applicant’s CV and artist statement. 

A freely formulated motivation letter should be also be uploaded in connection to the portfolio, the success of the application relies heavily on it. You need to provide at least one reference (name of the person, job title, relationship to the applicant, and contact details). The applicant is encouraged to have a general idea about personal goals with their education in their motivational letter.


The pre-task should be uploaded in the online application form by 30.1.2019 at 3 pm

3. Entrance exam in Jakobstad, Finland. All qualified applicants with preliminary assignments that have been approved will be called to the entrance exam. The exam will consist of an interview, about 20-30 minutes per applicant. Depending on the applicant´s geographical location the interview can be held via Skype, even though we would love to meet the applicants in person. The interview will also serve as an English language test, since the program will be taught in English.