The program consists of 60 ECTS credits and runs from September 2019 to November 2020.


Next course start is planned to be in August 2022, if interested - don´t hesitate to contact us!


Master of Culture and Arts, 60 ECTS credits


Entrepreneurship in the Arts is carried out in close cooperation with established actors in the international art world. The focus of the program is on creating the possibility for you to create the international network that is relevant for your work. Only about twelve students will be admitted so it will be possible to adjust the content of the program to the individual needs of the students. Your own work and how to present it will be at the center of the process.


The program has an international profile and will feature experts from various fields within the art world. They will give lectures and also work as supervisors and mentors for you during your individual work process throughout the program.

Through mentorship, workshops, field trips and individual studies, the program will allow you to:

  • Improve your capacity to work professionally both on a national and an international level.

  • Deepen your artistic practice.

  • Develop your ability to plan and direct your own work to suit local, national and international conditions.

  • Create professional networks.

  • Develop your ability to communicate and present your artistic work.

  • Develop your portfolio and other presentation tools.

  • Get a close look at the workings of the international art scenes and markets.

  • Learn about galleries, international art fairs, biennials and other established events in the art world, and get the chance to visit a selection of these events.


The program contains 60 ECTS credits and consists of six blocks of intense studies on location, with periods of self-directed long distance studies in between these blocks.


The six blocks of studies on location will run for a total of eight weeks during the period September 2019 to November 2020. Two of these blocks will take place at Campus Allegro, Jakobstad, Finland (two weeks in the autumn 2019 and two weeks in spring or early autumn 2020). Three or four of the blocks of on-location studies will consist of trips (5 to 7 days each) to various centers in the art world, in different cities around the world. Depending on the extent of the external funding, the destinations may vary from those mentioned, but the focus will nevertheless be on international networking and expertise within our field. The studies are free of charge for EU citizens but the students might need to pay some travel costs. 

The long distance studies will consist of extensive individual work and self-directed literature studies. The individual work will be focused on working on your own portfolio, written assignments, presentations, and developing a book that presents your work. The long-distance studies can be done from anywhere in the world.


Between 2011 and 2014, Novia’s research and development unit presented two series of international workshops in cooperation with curator Timothy Persons. These workshops, which were aimed at professional artists in Finland and Sweden, showed that there was a concrete need for a study program focused on entrepreneurship and internationalisation within the field of art. We have developed this concept and created a study program that focuses on these issues within the framework of a Master’s program, the highest level of study at a university of applied sciences. In 2015-2016, a group of ten masters students completed this program in culture and the arts. In 2018-2019, the program was offered with a focus on music and music production.


Based on the problems, needs and experiences that were identified in the past, we have developed the following key words for the study program Entrepreneurship in the Arts:

  • Visibility

  • Ambition and strategic planning

  • Structures and methods

  • Cooperation and relationships

  • Identity

  • International perspectives