Entrepreneurship in the Arts
The program runs from
August 2019 to November
Next course is planned to start in August 2022. Applications to that course starts in January 2022.
12 students from all over
the world  are accepted.


In our increasingly global contemporary art world it can be a challenge to find your own way. The Master’s program Entrepreneurship in the Arts at Novia University of Applied Sciences, Finland, can become a bridge between your own unique artistic practice and the inter-national art world. The program consists of 60 ECTS credits and runs from September 2019 to November 2020. The degree title is Master of Culture and Arts.

The focus of the program is on creating the possibility for you to create the international network that is relevant for your work. The Master’s program consists of eight weeks of on-location studies, with intense periods of self-directed long distance studies in between. 



The program has an international profile and will feature experts from various fields within the art world. Two of the blocks (10-14 days) will be held in Campus Allegro, Jakobstad, Finland. Four of the blocks of on-location studies will consist of trips (5-8 days) to various centers in the art world, in different cities around the world.

Novia University of Applied Sciences acts along the Swedish-speaking parts of the Finnish coastline. With over 4000 students and a staff of about 300, Novia is the largest Swedish-speaking university of applied sciences in Finland. Most of the BA programs are in Swedish, but the MA programs are in English.